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Virawan Nontree Co., Ltd is wholesale supplier of seed oils, rice, nuts, sugar and products from Thailand. Virawan Nontree Co., Ltd works on oil market since 2011. During this time, our company has entered into more than a dozen transactions and has established itself as a reliable and stable partner. The main development vector of Virawan Nontree Co., Ltd is exports (sales, trade) of seed oils, products of their processing and export of grain and flour.


Cooking Oil

We do not work with intermediaries! Only direct deliveries from farmers and manufacturers. You will not overpay for the services of intermediaries, you will get the lowest wholesale prices for seed oil, meal and flour.


Refined Sugar

At VIRAWAN NONTREE CO., LTD, we have the capacity and distribution network to ensure that you have the sugar you need, when you need it, and where you need it. 



All varieties of nuts with distinct tastes, flavors, textures, and aromas of each type of nut. We believe that when you buy nuts, they should always be fresh and of superior quality so that you can enjoy them to the fullest.


Thai Jasmine Rice

“Thai Jasmine Rice" or "THAI HOM MALI RICE” has never disappointed the world throughout its 50 years of international reputation. 

Sugar, Rice, Nuts and sunflower oil from Thailand are appreciated around the world for their:
• Quality. Thanks to Thai black soils and selected planting materials the grain and oil plants always produce high-quality yields. Grain is big, juicy, without a traces of pests. Grain and oil are the most worldwide popular export goods from Thailand.
• Purity. We cooperate only with those manufacturers who do not use prohibited chemical fertilizers and other chemicals in their production and growing of plants.
• Low price. Cost of growing of oilseed and grain crops, as well as oil, nuts, rice and sugar productions in Thailand is lower by 1.5-2 times than in other exporting countries. Therefore, you can buy in the Virawan Nontree Co., Ltd wholesale cheaper than from traders from other countries.



Executed contracts


Tons of goods are delivered to customers


Countries around the world have discovered our products


Bottles of sunflower oil are used in the kitchens of consumers


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